Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ikea Ledare 600 lm led bulb teardown , 2014 Verison

A look at the 2014 version of this bulb. IKEA continues to dance to the beat of a different drummer...

It has a strange light distribution, not sure why anyone would want such a pattern? 

Poor efficiency... is that a side effect of a diffuser, or just overall  implementation?

This bulb does well with a "LED" Dimmer... much better than my older pre-LED/CFL unit.

Was finally able to take my enclosed-light test fixture out for a spin... a pretty serious temperature rise which would suggest the lifetime of bulb could be shortened by two orders of magnitude?

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Home Depot started selling this in March 2014.  Break through price of under $20.00... that's $10 less than the previous 100w-equivalent bulb I tore down.

Cree continues to be a price setter in this market...

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sylvania '60w' LED Bulb Review and Teardown 2014

Another LED tear down... this bulb was remarkable as I found it in a grocery store.... till now most of these bulbs have been a home improvement store-only purchase.

Another single sided circuit board with modest quality soldering... I wonder if it would have as poor a life as the similar shaped "A" bulbs from Philips that are now failing on a regular basis (the 2nd one just went out after only a few months of service).

Poor light pattern.  I wounder if the LED market will damage it'self as people do one experimental buy of a single bulb only to be disappointed... there are so many details left off on these bulb's packaging making them a speculative purchase

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Utilitech Pro (Lowes) 60w LED Bulb Teardown

A bulb picked up from Lowes.  Important more for the market presence of Lowes  (2nd largest home improvement store in the USA?), than for the bulb itself.

It appears to be a Feit offering.  I tore down a very similar bulb a while back.  The casting and most mechanical bits are common between these bulbs.  The emitter array and PCB , however, are different.  With the 2014 transition date now in the past the number of unique new bulbs has slowed.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Philips A19 2014 version of an LED Light Bulb

An update to their mainstream A19 LED light bulb.  The 1st time they have moved away from remote phosphor in this class of bulb... is that a cheaper approach?  What affect will that have on reliability?

The bulb performed well on initial tests and appears to be a worthy successor to the 2013 version.  Video, below:

Friday, February 21, 2014

TP6100 "100 MHz" $9.00 SCOPE PROBE REVIEW

One of the nice things about the internet age is the ability to purchase goods without a lot of middle men.

In the electronics test and measurement industry there are the occasional buys which are head-shaking good.  This video looks at scope probes which are selling for $9.00 for two.... the last time I bought some scope probes they were well north of $100 each.

I did not expect much, and indeed I an not entirely convinced about these probes, but it's another interesting data point on the internationalization of trade which now occurs at the individual level.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Are Post 2011 Cars from Japan More Radioactive?

So several years ago I had an interesting conversation with a friend who was in the market for a new car.  He suggested that there could be a measurable radioactivity difference between cars coming from Japan after the 2011 Fukushima incident. It was an interesting thought experiment; however a Geiger counter is a rather expensive bit of kit so the idea lay dormant. 

Recently I noticed that on e-bay a number of Japanese sellers offering  “Air Counter”.. a bit of Engrish for a title, but when one digs a bit deeper it turns out to be a consumer grade Gamma Radiation meter.  At $60 how handy for another bit of amateur science!   In this video I take the meter out for a spin and then tear it down.

I think I will take it with me the next time I go food shopping.  I wonder what reading I will get with fish that swim in the Pacific?